Origins of ID Lanyards

Product | Posted by Anthony Caldwell
Jan 08 2015

ID lanyards are highly popular in schools, and with good reason. Naturally, most schools would require you to wear one, to make your identification card more visible at all times. Otherwise, you may be denied entry to school facilities. But even outside this imposed necessity, more and more students have been opting for customized lanyards because these provide a colorful and personalized touch, especially if you have to wear a school uniform. The uniform is one of the most dreaded things in school—nothing bores you faster than the thought of wearing the same outfit for months on end. Using a personalized lanyard, however, gives a sense of individuality that is considered priceless by the youth, especially when they feel like they are just a faceless part of a large crowd wearing the same uniform.

ID lanyardsLanyards are also a good way to show off that school spirit. It builds a sense of belonging to the campus, which helps initiate camaraderie and friendship. Most schools that require a lanyard usually provide it as well. But with good design, these lanyards need not be as dreaded as the uniform is. Many students actually prefer using well-designed school lanyards even outside the campus, and even after they graduate. Aside from being useful and convenient, a well-designed lanyard provided by the school is a good piece of memorabilia as well.

But have you ever wondered where ID lanyards came from? Lanyards seem so ubiquitous these days that you never seem to question where they actually came from, or who made them in the first place. While you might be used to seeing the necklace-like lanyards of today, the lanyards of the good old days are actually much different. Here is a little trip down memory lane and into the history of what people today know as ID lanyards.

The earliest known references to the modern day lanyard came at around the 15th century in France. The term actually came from the French word Lanière, which pertains to a thong or strap. Originally, lanyards were used to attach weapons like whistles, swords, and guns to a military uniform in a semi-permanent way. Since many tend to lose these objects in travel or in battles, the lanyard was created as an elegant solution to a common problem at that time. While swords and guns are a far cry from the items usually attached now to lanyards, the principle remains the same. The lanyard is there for items that have such a high propensity for being lost that you would have to tie it around your neck—literally. It was a quick hit, and the convenience it provides has allowed the lanyard to persist and modernize even after centuries.

Nowadays, lanyards are primarily used for holding badges or identification cards. Being small and thin items, these could be very easily misplaced. With the help of lanyards, however, that need not be a problem anymore. These are usually used in areas that require some level of security like hospitals and prisons. Schools and offices have also picked up on the use of ID lanyards. Even public gatherings may now require the use of lanyards, for convenience and safety.

Another common use for lanyards in its modern form is in securing your gadgets. Electronic devices like MP3s players, cameras, thumb drives, phones, and tablets, among many others, now come specifically designed to allow attachment to lanyards. You can easily find these slots or holes in the frame of the device. This should allow you to keep a close watch on your gadget when you are not using it, as well as prevent you from dropping the gadget by accident.

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More recently, lanyards have moved into the fashion arena mostly among young people. You can see them worn as keychains around necks as well as dangling from a pants pocket.


Results of HCG plans

Weight Loss | Posted by Diana Eppinger
Jan 07 2015

The results of HCG drops depend mainly on the way a person follow the strict guidelines in a regular way. The results for previous administrations have shown remarkable achievements regarding weight loss. People have been reported for losing a great weight loss in few weeks that could not be achieved through any other plan.

Why to choose ultra-diet HCG drops?

The cause for choosing up an ultra-diet drop pack of HCG is a premium pack because of its high valued properties. The ultra-diet pack has 60 days dosage bottle along with food supplement tablets and hunger suppressants weight loss that is of great importance for reducing hunger feeling that occur during first few days. In addition the weight.

What does HCG means?

attractive female shows how her old huge jeans, wieght loss concWhat is the meaning of HCG is a question of great concern that a lay man may pursue before using it. The word has a medical meaning of Human chorinoid gonadotropic hormone.

It is water based natural hormone present in females as well as males. But more amounts is present in the pregnant females as secreted due to developing embryo in order to gain high metabolic rate for drawing more fats from the body for development progress. But it has seen that the hormone has a great work for weight loss.

How HCG functions in a body

HCG work as a catalyst in increasing the metabolic rate in the body. It does so by liquefying the fats in the body and using them as energy sources. In this way if taken by obese people the hormone liquefies the body fat and help lose weight considerably in a very short period when accompanied by a low calorie diet plan.

Safety concerns regarding HCG usage

HCG administration is safe as there is no information provided about any disease spreading through the hormone and some side effects are reported when used for weight loss through injections. Some reactions to the extreme low calorie diet as appearing of hunger pangs were associated with the protocol but not frequently.

Who could use HCG diet plan?

HCG diet plan is not a gender restricted dietary plan. It has been shown through studies and people who undergone the therapy is that the method is useful for both males and females however medical advice is necessary about further process of dietary plan.

Can men use the HCG dietary plan?

The HCG dietary plan is equally applicable to both males and females. And in fact the HCG hormone is already present in males as a function of weight loss.

An Overview of Logo Lanyards

Product | Posted by Florence Mangum
Jan 05 2015

Before they became such a hit, lanyards were used as simple products to hold ID’s, security cards and keys. It was very simple and single colored, offering not much of a variety. Students would wear it only when needed in school. As for workers, they don’t have a choice but to wear it wherever they go. ID laces before were so dull that ID clips were used as replacements for lanyards.

Logo LanyardsNow, logo lanyards are available anywhere, offering a wide range of designs from plain colored one, printed texts, logos or have it customized the way you want it. The possibilities are endless with these lanyards and the creativity of your mind will only make them look better.

Logo lanyards are used today not just for their main purpose which is holding items like cards, keys and phones. The lanyards are also used as a form of someone’s expression. With a lanyard which has a custom design or text, the owner can express his or herself just by wearing it.

Some people do not want talk about how they feel or what they want others to know about them. Some want to be quiet and be a listener. The most common way to be understood by some without having to talk is to wear something with prints like shirts, but if you ran out of custom printed shirts, these lanyards are for you. The customizable feature of these lanyards can help you bridge the gap between you and others. Just make sure that the prints are clear and visible to others.

For the advocates, lanyards are great help too. Sometimes, you just want to wear a simple accessory to show your support for your advocacy and custom lanyards can help you with this. There are a lot of design to choose from or if you want, you can buy every awareness lanyard available on a store near you; after all, these lanyards are pretty cheap.

Another important thing that lanyards do is keeping important object close to you. Admit it, in a busy world where you have a lot of things to do, you are at risk of misplacing your phone or ID somewhere in your desk or at home. With the help of lanyards where you can just clip your important items to, saying goodbye to the risk of misplacing your precious items is possible.

For companies, lanyards help not just to hold your employee’s ID. These also help to identify the employee’s department simply just by looking at the design. So if you are new to a company and you want to talk to someone from your department, make sure to check their lanyards to be sure of who you’re talking to.

A big plus for companies using logo lanyards is that these carry your company name. Since most employees tend to wear their ID’s even when they are having lunch outside, it helps your company to be known by other people. The lanyard gives some exposure for your business.

Others may just find these lanyards as collectible items. Because it’s cheap, it won’t break the bank. The customizable feature is a big plus because you can have a special connection with your collection. Comfort was never an issue with lanyards. Sometimes, you just want to change your phone holder with a new design and with lanyards, it’s so very easy to do. The hardest part for a collector though is choosing a design they want for one day.

People always want a “bang for the buck” item, cheap and reliable with a feel of your identity in it. Surely, customized logo lanyards are some of those unique items so have yourself at least one.

The Physical Characteristics and Customizations of Custom Challenge Coins

Military | Posted by Dorothy Kahn
Jan 03 2015

As for the selection or features of custom challenge coins, they are unique. Different military settings offer different types and different designs of coins. Different people also put different meaning on the coins that they have or the coins that they want. Custom challenge coins range from traditional military-themed or designed based on what military coins actually look like. Some designs of the coins are just exactly what coins or tokens the military give. But as far as these coins go, the possibilities are endless. A person can customize a coin to his heart’s content. Because of modern technology and creativity of man, there is a never-ending choice and desire to customize these coins to satisfy the customer’s need. Of course, this means that different people have different choices to how they want their coin to actually look like.

custom challenge coinsCustom challenge coins also have different looks. To give a basic overview of what coins look like, some companies offer metal-style coins, with options like polished gold metal plating, black nickel, polished silver plating, polished copper, or polished brass. Also, some companies offer additional provisions such as having different finishes to the coins. Examples of these finishes include antique brass, antique silver, antique copper, antique gold, and others. Some companies also offer duo tone effects wherein the coins will have two colour plating and finishes. Some companies also offer diamond-cut edges for people who want their cons to look extravagant and elegant. Some variations for this type are wave-cut edges, cross-cut edges, and oblique-cut edges. These types of cut edges are usually uniquely designed to complement the insignia or the content of the coin. Also, different people have different tastes on the finishing of these coins. Therefore, some companies also offer different types of finishing to suit their customer’s preferences. The types of finishing some producers offer are an offset print, and an engraved text. Because there is an unlimited number if what coins look like, personalized coins also have different looks nowadays. Producers of these coins offer customizations such as having a keychain attachment, coins that can be used as a bottle opener, and cut-out look coins. Also, the contents of the coins have many variations. Some of the most common are coins having sequential numbering, coins that have 3d designs, and coins containing meaningful quotes. The packaging of these coins also have varieties such as coins placed in standard pouches, coins placed in velvet bags, coins placed in velvet presentation boxes, like the boxes used for marriage rings, coins placed in coin capsules, and coins placed in custom pouch inserts. Techniques used to make the coins also differ. There are hand-crafted coins available, aside from the traditional machine made coins. Also, the coins now do not just cater to typical military coins, they cater to all sorts of different coins. Producers of custom challenge coins also make customizations for company coins, ranging from companies affiliated in sports, arts, knowledge, research, business, service, and so on. There have been customized coins, which is primarily to improve camaraderie and identity of affiliated persons. Like college rings, these coins are customized for such purposes. Though, still like college rings, these customizations will come with attached costs. For an easier and a less time consuming experience, a lot of companies use browser pages in their websites to make searching designs easier.

Depending on the preference of the customer, companies want to please potential buyers so much, and companies want to earn money so badly that they increase the diversity of what kinds of custom challenge coins they can produce. That is why as of the moment, there is now a wide array of customization features and techniques in production these coins, and it is still increasing in number.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins.

A Comprehensive Review of MK-2866

Chemicals | Posted by Erica Hall
Jan 02 2015

MK-2866, commonly known as Ostarine, Osta, GTx-024, and Enobosarm, is a form of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). SARMs work by binding to androgen receptors, resulting to bone and muscle anabolism. This activity changes the gene expression and increases the synthesis of protein, which ends up in muscle building. Essentially, SARMs cause muscle gain similarly the way steroids do, but without effects on prostate growth and other secondary sexual characteristics.

mk-2866MK-2866 is an oral SARM developed for the treatment and prevention of symptoms such as muscle wasting in cancer patients. Although originally created to treat osteoporosis, andropause (the equivalent of menopause in men), muscle sarcopenia, and cachexia, it has been used widely in muscle gain and strength building by fitness enthusiasts over the years.

Muscle Wasting 101

As mentioned above, MK-2866 was developed to treat muscle wasting, which is a common symptom seen in cancer patients. It can start early on in the patient’s course of malignancy, which results to a decline in physical functioning and other debilitating and limiting consequences. Wasting and weakness can also be brought about by the numerous chemotherapeutic agents being taken simultaneously by the patient. At the moment, there is no drug approved to prevent and/or treat muscle wasting in cancer patients.

As soon as they are diagnosed, 50% of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer have already had significant muscle loss, and 70% of them will experience muscle loss before they pass away. Weakness and limitations in function are common and prevalent symptoms, with 88% of the patients having difficulty with simple tasks like lifting or carrying objects weighing ten pounds or more, climbing stairs, walking, stooping, kneeling, or crouching. In these cases, the loss of muscle is an important indicator of performance, tolerance for the treatment being given, and survival.

Pros and Cons of Using MK-2866

A common cycle of using Ostarine lasts between six to eight weeks at 15 to 25mg per day. Now that the science behind muscle wasting and what the supplement can offer for these cancer patients – and relatively, bodybuilders and fitness buffs – here are the good and bad points of MK-2866. (These findings are based on many previous and current users and not just from one person.)


• Effective in augmentation of the physique and bodybuilding
• Increase in strength
• Muscle gain: users report experiencing as much as twelve pounds after the 8-week cycle
• Loss of fat: in addition to gaining muscle, users report losing fat while taking the supplement (and still maintain the same overall weight)
• Increase in libido: this is still one of the things that aren’t 100% proved – a number of users claim that they experience steady libido increase during the cycle
• No night vision side effects unlike those common in S-4 (another form of SARM)
• PCT is not necessary, unlike with steroid cycles, because testosterone levels are not affected


• Minor headaches or migraine-like symptoms: will go away after the first week of the cycle

Research and literature is still limited on the subject, but based from actual users’ experiences, the long-term possible side effects (if any) are yet to be experienced.


The supplement, originally intended for medical and clinical applications, has found its way into the bodybuilding and fitness world. Users have learned to take advantage of its benefits in both muscle gaining and weight loss cycles. The main push is that although it works similarly to anabolic steroids, Ostarine does not cause the same unwanted side effects. It also proves to be safer for use in the long run, with no reports for the need of PCT after a two-month cycle.

Benefits of Media Signage

Social Media | Posted by Kid Lupus
Jan 02 2015

Human innovation continues to revolutionize the world. Every few months, firms introduce new technologies that have the potential to make waves in society. In particular, the methods by which people present information are constantly evolving, fueled by the accelerated growth of human technology. Since the invention of language, people have always been trying to find better ways to communicate to other people. Now, with the invention of powerful display devices and strong content management software, it has now become possible for companies to utilize a new communication tool: rich media signage, also known as digital signage.

Media SignageAs opposed to the static signage used throughout history, digital signage is able to display rich media, such as images, audio, and videos, to a potentially wide audience. Such a system is usually composed of a central server responsible for content management, media players that distribute visual and auditory information, and display equipment that displays the actual media. Representing the future of information dissemination, digital signage offers many advantages over traditional signage:

1) Digital signage allows more information to be conveyed.

Through the use of rich media, it becomes possible for communicators to present audiences with more information. For example, consider the use of signage to present a public service announcement about proper hand washing techniques. Traditional signage might present the steps of proper hand washing through text, accompanied with some illustrations to help the reader understand the process better. Rich media signage, on the other hand, might use a short video of a man washing his hands using the proper techniques. The signage might also display subtitles or play a recording explaining the various steps in hand washing. In this aspect, digital signage is more likely to be understood by people, as it employs certain methods, such as animation, which are simply impossible to replicate in traditional signage.

2) Rich media signage is more noticeable than traditional signage.

For the same reasons stated above, digital signage is more able to capture the attention of the crowd. As people go about their daily activities, they are naturally predisposed to ignore any aspects of the environment that they deem unimportant. It only takes seconds for someone to judge whether something is worthy of their attention. With rich media, digital signage is capable of generating enough impact on those crucial seconds, prompting people to continue to pay attention.

3) Digital signage is actually cost effective.

Although the high initial costs of buying the equipment and obtaining software may prohibit some from trying digital signage, people must take into account the amount of paper and ink they save by switching to this technology. Having built from energy efficient devices, most rich media signage systems are also designed to minimize electrical consumption. Plus, digital devices are capable of attracting and retaining more customers, resulting in increases in revenue that are usually enough to compensate for any initial costs.

4) Digital signage makes it possible to interact with audiences.

Other electronic devices, such as touchscreen consoles, may be integrated with the digital signage system. This allows for newer forms of interaction. As an example, lost shoppers may ask for locations from conveniently located digital kiosks. Within the near future, developers might even create advanced signage, such as billboards capable of reading the emotions of passersby and showing appropriate information, or posters that can receive and display tweets or status updates from users.

Evidently, rich media signage holds almost unlimited potential. Such advances in signage technology can easily differentiate a firm from its competitors. In addition, digital signage can increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness. With all of these benefits, one thing is certain: digital signage has a bright future ahead of it.

A Guide to Etiquette during Funeral Services

Society | Posted by John Morgan
Jan 02 2015

Funeral services are among the most formal events that one would attend, due to the sensitive nature of the occasion. While it is considered to be a gathering of friends and loved ones of the departed, it is still very important to consider etiquette during a funeral. To be able to make sure that everything is in order during the service, here is a short guide that would help guests observe the right etiquette during this heartfelt occasion.

Guests Must Arrive on Time

funeral servicesThere are certain guests that arrive during funeral services. However, it is also very important to observe proper schedules when it comes to these occasions, since this is the time when guests has to be considerate about the feelings of the family of a departed friend. Being late to funerals is considered to be a wrong move because it sends the message that you consider your personal affairs more important than paying your respects.

In observing proper etiquette during this solemn occasion, make sure that you arrive early and on time. If you should be late, make sure that you are arriving no more than 10 minutes late. That sends the message that you consider this event to be a priority and that you sympathize with the loved ones of a departed friend by being with them throughout the entire event.

Do Not Use Your Phone

It is plainly rude to let a grieving group of family and friends see you texting or surfing the net using your smartphone. Take note that this event should be considered your priority and you should be spending time to remember a departed friend. Any activities using your electronic devices should wait.

If you are waiting for an important call or message, make sure that you use your electronic devices in discretion during funeral services. Also, make sure that your phone is in silent mode throughout the occasion.

Observe Proper Attire

Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing during funeral services. At the same time, make sure that you also see to it that you observe the traditions of the family when it comes to choosing funeral attire. See to it that you wear conservative and semi-formal clothing, which means that one should avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, and any other overly-casual apparel.

Give the Loved Ones Your Message of Sympathy

When attending a funeral service, make sure that you give the surviving family of a departed friend your condolences. At the same time, make sure that you provide them a personalized message to show your sincerity and avoid canned messages just like any generic sympathy card would provide.

Respect the Wishes of the Departed or the Family

Remember that you are only a guest in this occasion – you are not in the position to criticize how the family wants to observe the occasion and how the departed planned his funeral service. Keep in mind that any proceeding or happening during a funeral service is most probably the best way that the family knows how to deal with grief and that it might be because that it fulfills the final wishes of the deceased. Pay your respects and avoid airing your opinion about how the service should have happened.

Provide a Contribution or Give a Gift

It is very customary for guests attending funeral services to bring a gift as a sign of sympathy, or a financial token to help the family deal with the costs of the funeral. While any gift would be appreciated by a departed loved ones, make sure that it is a token that sends your message of sympathy.

Become Financially Responsible and Eco-friendly With Re-purposed Movable Cubicles

Logistics | Posted by Alex May
Jan 01 2015

The rise in housing concerns in many countries brought people to think of a cheaper alternative to their housing issue. The price of a house, including planning, permits, and labor cost, is rising on a significant level each year. The seemingly only solution to this emerging issue resulted to a substantial number of people with debts they can’t pay and more people are still getting dragged down by their mortgages.

Re-purposed movable cubicles provide a lot of people a great solution to their housing issues. Who would not want a nice and functional home, right? If you can build a home that is both stylish and functional but within budget constraints, you will definitely choose this option.

The Rise of Re-purposed Containers

MoveablecubicleMobile offices built out of shipping containers sparked the idea of the many other things that can be made out of these steel containers. As housing units start to sprout like mushrooms in the past few years, a lot more things have been made out from these containers. From mobile offices and housing units, the edifices made out of steel containers varies from house extensions to tiny mobile homes, vacation cabins, restaurants, schools, museums, and state-of-the-art hotels and college dormitories.

There is no denying the fact that these steel movable cubicles are way cheaper than concrete structures. They come in regular rectangular shapes and are easily modified according to owners’ plans. However, since these are made of steel home builders have to include good insulation without compromising the little space that these containers provide.

The thing about building edifices out of steel containers is that it can save you more money in the long run only if architectural planning had been carefully thought upon. Every edifice plan should be carefully thought upon, but the amount of effort and money that you will have to pay for maintenance in re-purposed steel containers will never be as much as that of the concrete structures.

Movable Cubicles and House Mortgages

Now the question is, can steel containers pull out people from the pit of house debts? The answer is yes and no. Yes, re-purposed steel containers are cheap and easy to build, but if you’re among those who are out-of-control when it comes to spending—bet you’ll end up homeless.

Getting out of any debt is simple—you just have to live within your means and be satisfied to have had the things that you need. It has been proven by many people who have been living in re-purposed steel containers that one can avoid having to loan money from banks to have a home of their own. One only had to be willing to carefully plan their financial accountabilities.

Eco-friendly Containers

Re-purposed movable cubicles are cheaper in the long run because they only require minimal maintenance after they have been built as opposed to concrete structures. A house made out of steel containers is definitely unconventional but if people will only realize how much it means to Mother Nature to up cycle steel containers—they would certainly choose this practical option.

Most of the steel cubicles that have been re-purposed came out of shipyards—abandoned for many years. With the amount of goods that are being transported from seaports across the globe, how much junk will these abandoned steel containers mount up in the next years? What most people don’t know is that these cubicles were not up cycled because architects want to have more aesthetically pleasing edifices in the world—it’s also because these cubicles are accumulating in all shipyards and they have already outlived their purpose for the shipping companies. If they can’t be thrown out of space, where else will these massive junks end up?

Manufacturer Selection for PCB Fabrication: Factors for Consideration

Electronics | Posted by Karen Puckett
Jan 01 2015

Whether you’re someone who’s trying to invent something the public will feast themselves into or a company planning to launch your new product, you’d have to think about the PCB fabrication company you’d be relying on. For your electronic device to properly work, it has to utilize a properly-working printed circuit board (PCB) and this has to be manufactured by a reputable company. There are some who offer their services at cheap prices, while there are others who may demand higher costs. Which company will serve as the best choice, though, may depend on the type of board you need.

Pcb fabricationFor the most part, however, you’d be thinking about the cost of the entire project and this may depend on a number of factors. One of these is quality, which is crucial to any kind of project. A reputable manufacturer can easily give you the quality standards you need even if it’s your first board. On the other hand, this is not something you can guarantee yourself of if you plan on cutting costs by relying on smaller companies offering PCB fabrication at the lowest costs.

Additionally, there is a chance that the board you’ll get is faulty, in which case an open circuit or a short circuit is a possibility. If any of these is the case, you’d certainly be experiencing delays in production and for any company, this is a huge loss.

Opting for cheap PCB fabrication may also mean that your board is being manufactured using low-quality materials. Manufacturers may buy laminate materials from vendors who sell high-quality ones or simply acquire what’s necessary from the cheapest of sources. This is where you have to be very keen to the needs of your product and for a company, the cheapest is not the wisest option.

If you’re merely creating an electronic device that will cater to a specific purpose and a limited scope, you may not have to look far. However, if you’re a company that seeks to develop a new product and requires a board to be mass-produced, you have to ensure the manufacturer is capable of doing so. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers offer capacities of at least 100,000 boards per month.

Fab notes are very important and while copying and pasting from another design is quite tempting, you are not really benefiting from this entirely. A company may reference to a certain standard, but you have to ensure each of your specifications is met. Since you’re most likely considering costs, you should be attentive to this. Otherwise, you might be spending more on a board that offers a lot of things you don’t really need. Also, not all companies will respect each of your requirements. In most cases, cheap vendors limit what will be accepted in your fab notes, which would be very frustrating.

A good PCB fabrication company should always test everything before being sent to the customer. This is to ensure that the board is in good working condition and that there will be no faults that will occur once you use it for your product. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers test the boards they manufacture, and you should know this beforehand so as to avoid any delays caused by re-works.

It helps to always determine if your PCB is of decent quality or not. Even if the company is already reputable, you need to measure how good your board is. Defects can be identified by pushing technology to its limits. Quality issues may not be likely, but you don’t want to risk your product if you’re working at high volumes and less-forgiving design rules.

How to Choose the Proper Golf Ball

Sports | Posted by Harriet Williams
Jan 01 2015

Playing golf is more than just hitting a small white dimpled ball across an immaculately maintained green lawn. It requires knowledge of physics and aerodynamics. The angle of hitting the ball, the power and stance when swinging the golf club, the type of club to use, and the type of ball to use are all crucial in determining one’s game. A good place to start is by determining how to choose golf balls.

Beginners need to know their balls as it is crucial for one’s play and performance. Steps to getting the right ball include the following:

Step 1: Assess the level of game.

Golf BallThe first step to knowing the right ball is to know the player’s needs. A low handicap requires a ball different from what would go well with a professional tour player or one with a high handicap.

A beginner would need a durable ball. There are frequent mis-hit shots that can cut the ball surface. Cuts would alter ball performance and are not good at all for optimum game performance. It is also best recommended to choose a ball that is able to fly for longer distances. A more advanced golfer needs a ball that allows for better control of shots. For golfers with low handicap, ball durability is not much for consideration. This is because there is less likelihood for mis-hit shots which often damage the ball.

Step 2: Consider the types of golf balls

There are 3 basic types of balls. These are 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece balls. Each of these balls has different properties.

For practice swings, the 1-piece ball type is most appropriate. It does not do much in terms of performance but can help when practicing and improving swings.

Beginners and amateurs with higher handicap perform better with distance balls composed of 2 layers. This allows for greater distance resulting from the shots. A very hard outer cover is also necessary to reduce cutting the surface. A cut ball surface affects the performance and alters reliability and other attributes. The 2-piece balls also have less spin, which means the ball flies straighter. This is most recommended for people who have more difficulty sending the balls in the right direction.

For golfers with low handicap, the 3-piece ball is most recommended. This type of ball does not provide a lot of distance like the 2-piece does but makes up for it by the amount of spin. A 3-piece ball has a higher spin compared to 1-piece or 2-piece golf balls. Spins help make the ball fly faster and allow for better control of the shots. The spins are improved by the softer outer cover often made from Balata. The softness provides a better feel needed for better shot control. The solid core of this ball is wrapped in another type of material.

For lower handicap and professional golfers, balls with higher spins are typical. These would be balls with 3 to 5 layers of materials.

Step 3: Pick Intermediate Balls

There is an all-purpose golf ball type that combines the properties of the 2-piece and the 3-piece types. This type is good for those practicing new swings or for intermediate players. This is also good for beginners and amateurs who wish to learn how to have better control over their shots.

Intermediate golf balls have better durability but with less spin than a 3-piece type. This makes it less likely to cut the ball surface. It can also fly a good distance with much less spin. Controlling the shots is also more difficult with intermediate balls compared to the 3-piece ones.

Following these easy steps is a good way to start improving one’s golf game. Balls are just as essential for optimum performance as the clubs and the types of swing.

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